Professorship & Chairs


Faculty Development & Research

One of the cornerstones of all leading law schools is an excellent faculty. Southwestern’s faculty members have taught and practiced law around the country. They have distinguished themselves as accessible and caring teachers and as nationally recognized experts in many areas of the law, from antitrust to tax. Through their commitment to students both in the classroom and as individuals, as well as their own scholarly research and publications, the faculty shape and develop Southwestern students as effective and confident future lawyers.

As competition increases among law schools for leading professors, Southwestern must have the resources available to keep pace with peer institutions. The establishment of new endowed professorships and general support for faculty research will help the law school to recruit and retain exceptional teachers and scholars. Other direct gifts might be made to support the expense of a faculty member’s student research assistant for the summer or to cover the annual cost of research materials. Gifts of any size can also be directed to existing professorships.

Current Southwestern Professorships:

The Irwin R. Buchalter Professorship
Established in 1985, the Buchalter Professorship was named after the late Irwin R. Buchalter, class of 1933, and was Southwestern’s first endowed professorship.

The Irving D. and Florence Rosenberg Professorship
In 1993, the Rosenberg Professorship was established by Mrs. Florence Rosenberg in memory of her late husband, Irving D. Rosenberg, a Los Angeles real estate investor.

A Tribute to Paul E. Treusch (1911 - 2006)

Publication A Tribute to Paul E. Treusch (1911 - 2006)


The Paul E. Treusch Professorship
The Treusch Professorship was established in 1998 by Southwestern Professor Paul Treusch and his wife Phyllis.

The Justice Marshall F. McComb Professorship
The McComb Professorship was established in 2005 by the McComb Foundation in memory of Justice Marshall F. McComb who served on the California Supreme Court.

Faculty Support

Funding for faculty development and research helps ensure the continuing ability of faculty to expand the breadth and depth of the Southwestern curriculum and better prepare students for the profession. Support for faculty development can range from a single project to the endowment of a professorship:

  • $150-300: Research work-in-progress review lunch
  • $500-1,000: Books and materials for a faculty research project
  • $500-1,500: Specialized computer software or equipment to support research
  • $500-2,500: Travel expenses for a faculty member to attend, participate in or present at a professional conference or seminar in his/her area of specialization and research
  • $2,000: Salary for a student research assistant for a faculty member
  • $5,500: Summer research grant
  • $10,000-25,000: Law teaching institute
  • $10,000-25,000: Legal writing institute
  • $250,000: Endowed professorship